Five Things to Know About Traffic Tickets in Lincoln County

Never just pay the ticket online without talking to a lawyer first.

Often, an officer will point to the back of the ticket with the instructions on how to pay the ticket online.  Don’t.  Traffic tickets can result in an insurance increase or loss of your license.

Hiring a lawyer is less expensive than you think.

My firm charges a flat fee that includes your court costs for most speeding tickets.  It is a small price to pay to guarantee the best possible result and potentially avoid insurance increases.

Attorneys know the policies of the local District Attorney’s office.

Every District Attorney in the state has separate policies for the reduction of tickets and nonmoving violations.  Your attorney has access to that information and knows the best possible outcome.  Unfortunately, a District Attorney is not going to give you legal advice on your ticket.

You don’t have to take off work to go to court.

By hiring an attorney, you can often avoid taking off work to appear in court, wait for your case to be called, and then wait to pay your ticket.  Your attorney handles this for you.

Court costs are the bulk of your traffic ticket cost.

In North Carolina, court costs range from $190.00 to $263.00 for most traffic tickets.  Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about this expense.



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