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Custody is the legal and physical care and supervision of a child under 18 years of age.  Physical custody describes the person with whom the child lives on a day-to-day basis.  Legal custody which describes the person who has the right to make major decisions concerning the child; including decisions about education, health care, and religion.

  • Who will get custody?
  • Will I get joint or sole custody?
  • What rights to grandparents have for custody?
  • Will my child have to speak in court?
  • Will my child have input on custody?

These are only a few questions that are important factors in divorce cases involving child custody. In North Carolina, temporary custody is often the first step to beginning the custodial process.  After temporary custody is established, mediation is required before the parties can go back before the court for a permanent custody trial.

During mediation, parents come to an agreement on custody issues. Many times the end result is better from mediation than a court hearing.

In cases where an agreement cannot be decided, the courts will then render an order. Judges have wide discretion in awarding child custody. This can be the scariest part of a divorce for a parent since the order is binding and control of the outcome is never guaranteed.

As a parent, Jennifer understands your anxiety and questions about how the process works. As your attorney, she understands the legal requirements and will ensure you and your child(ren) receive the best representation.

Rather than using a large firm where you may have to wait days for a return phone call and spend hours frustrated, Jennifer is local which means you have a real person that can answer your questions and allow you to focus on the importance of your family’s future.

Custody Modification

Child Custody can always be modified in North Carolina by showing to the court a substantial change of circumstances.  Whether its a change in the visitation schedule, relocation of the other parent, or a different factor, the Court can modify a custody order to reflect the new circumstances and the best interest of your child.

For FAQ’s on North Carolina Child Custody, please click here FAQ’s Custodial and Visitation

What Our Clients Say About Us

Jennifer did an excellent job with my child custody. She kept me informed and made sure my child was safe throughout the process. This isn’t just a job to her, she cares about her clients.
Jennifer and her staff handled my custody and separation matters. She was very knowledgeable and provided me with the information I needed during a highly contested divorce. She did an excellent job in court and I was well represented through the entire case. Would highly recommend.