Electronic Security in Divorce and Privacy Concerns

Electronic Security in Divorce and Privacy Concerns Electronic  security in divorce and privacy are big issues in modern day divorce and custody suits.  Spouses are using shared accounts and devices to access information that could be used at trial.  More attorneys are sending electronic preservation letters to opposing parties to preserve your electronic accounts, text messages, emails, …

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Social Media and Divorce

“Dance like no one is watching, email like it will one day be read in a deposition” I often use Facebook messages, posts, or photos in family court matters.  Often, these posts can prove contempt of court, an illicit affair, or assist my client in obtaining a favorable custody settlement.  It may feel good to post a …

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Tax Issues in Divorce

Every separation is unique. Some separations involve complex tax issues that require an experienced family law attorney to avoid any additional tax consequences on your end. Here are some examples: Child support and Dependent Deduction: child support payments are not deductible by the payor or taxable by the payee. Dependency exemptions vary case by case. …

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