Document, Document, Document in Equitable Distribution in North Carolina

Documentation is the key to Equitable Distribution

Clients often ask what they need to be doing during for equitable distribution in North Carolina.  My advice will always be to document, document, document.  Want to make your divorce attorney very happy?  Save these documents for Equitable Distrubtion from the date you separated until your case is resolved.

  • Mortgage Statements
  • Any appraisal, market analysis, or tax value of your home
  • Any bank or savings accounts titled jointly or in your name only
  • Any automobile loan statements showing pay off amount
  • Kelly Bluebook Estimate for any vehicles you or your spouse owns
  • Tax value for any property you own that is taxed by your local government entity
  • Any retirement, 401(k), or other IRA based accounts
  • Any pension plan documentation, including a statement showing the dates of service, the lump sum pay off, or benefit amount
  • Any appraisals or receipts for high price personal property, such as jewelry, guns, campers, or boats
  • Any statement showing debt for credit cards, campers, boats, or medical loans.

Why are these documents important for Equitable Distribution?

Judges, attorneys, and mediators spend a lot of time with clients working with clients.  Documentation in Equitable Distribution provides a neutral, third party evaluation of the value of an item.  It is strong evidence of the value of an item or how much was owed.  In my experience, most opposing parties will not go through the trouble of contesting a statement or obtaining their own value for an item.  Documents provide a great way to start a hearing or mediation off with your numbers.

Want the best settlement possible?

My clients that are able to produce a statement from the date of marriage to compare to a date of separation statement receive the best settlements.  They lower the risk of dividing separate property and drastically decrease attorney fees.

For more information on Equitable Distribution in North Carolina, click here.

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