Questions to Ask a North Carolina Family Law Attorney

Whether your are going through a separation or a child custody matter, it’s important to know what questions to ask when consulting with a family law attorney.  These questions will help you decide which lawyer is right for you and your family.

  • What is your experience in the case?  You want an attorney that primarily handles family law.   Unfortunately, many attorneys view family law as an after thought.  Domestic law changes at a fast pace and you need an attorney that is current in the area.

  • What is your attorney’s background?  During a domestic consultation, you are giving your attorney many private details about your personal and financial life.  Feel free to ask about your attorney’s education, experience, and other areas of their life.

  • How will this process work?  This is likely your first and only experience with the court system.  You want a clear idea of court procedure during your consultation, whether its the differences between a temporary custody order and a permanent order or what an incorporation clause in a separation agreement means.

  • What will this cost?  I am very clear as to the fees my client can expect during a consultation.  Unfortunately, very few family law cases are flat fees.  You will leave my office with a retainer agreement to look over at a later time.  It gives a clear picture of the costs for court, how billing works, and other issues.

  • What if I forget some of the advice you have given me?  A consultation with my office takes around an hour.  Most clients need to have a follow up conference or telephone call regarding the initial information given.  You receive a lot of information during the consultation and no one expects you to retain it on the first meeting.

  • Are you comfortable with this lawyer?  Clicking with your attorney is very important.  Often, I will consult with a client and realize that we will not be a good team.  Your financial future and your children are important.  You need someone that you trust, respect, and understand to represent you.

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