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Alimony, often called spousal support, is often an issue for married couples going through divorce, especially when one spouse has been the primarily bread winner during the marriage.

In North Carolina, alimony is awarded based on several factors and taking into consideration your personal financial needs.

  • First, a spouse must be dependent on the income of the other spouse to meet their own financial needs.
  • Second, the other spouse must have the ability to support the spouse.
  • Third, the court will look at the reasonable expenses during the marriage and after the separation to determine the amount and duration of support that should be paid.

There are many factors, such as adultery, the age of the parties, length of marriage, and tax implications that can play into an alimony award.  You need an attorney that can assess your specific facts and determine the potential impact alimony may have for you.    Jennifer Hames can assist you to ensure that you are fully aware or your rights and the specific issues of your case.

Modification of Alimony

Like child support, alimony is also modifiable or can be terminated depending on several factors that may change from the entry of the prior order.  These factors include:

  • Income changes between either spouse
  • The cohabitation or remarriage of the spouse receiving alimony
  • Reduction in the financial needs of the spouse, such as Social Security or retirement benefits

If you suspect you may have a reason to modify alimony, its best to consult with an experienced attorney to review the prior order, your new circumstances, and the potential caselaw that has been enacted.  Lincolnton Family Law is here to assist you with making an informed decision on modification of alimony.