Document, Document, Document in Equitable Distribution in North Carolina

Documentation is the key to Equitable Distribution Clients often ask what they need to be doing during for equitable distribution in North Carolina.  My advice will always be to document, document, document.  Want to make your divorce attorney very happy?  Save these documents for Equitable Distrubtion from the date you separated until your case is resolved. [...]

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Five Things to Know About Traffic Tickets in Lincoln County

Never just pay the ticket online without talking to a lawyer first. Often, an officer will point to the back of the ticket with the instructions on how to pay the ticket online.  Don't.  Traffic tickets can result in an insurance increase or loss of your license. Hiring a lawyer is less expensive than you think. [...]

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Child Support and Custody Modification in North Carolina

Motion to Modify Child Support and Custody are required in North Carolina New case law establishes that a motion to modify must be filed prior to modifying any permanent order of the court.  This effects child support modification.  Here are a few things you should know: How a Child Support or Custody Order becomes Permanent: [...]

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High Conflict Personalities in Family Law Cases

More and more, personalities of the parties is a major factor in dragging out court proceedings, reaching a reasonable settlement, and/or increasing attorney fee cost. High conflict personalities are often characterized by the following: Preoccupation with blaming others Inability to accept responsibility for one’s own actions Uncontrollable negative emotions Personal based attacks Triggering conflicts with [...]

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Social Media and Divorce

"Dance like no one is watching, email like it will one day be read in a deposition" I often use Facebook messages, posts, or photos in family court matters.  Often, these posts can prove contempt of court, an illicit affair, or assist my client in obtaining a favorable custody settlement.  It may feel good to post a [...]

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Considerations in Child Custody

I'm often asked what a parent should be doing concerning their children in the initial stages of a divorce or the end of a relationship. Here is a list of my recommendations: Stability is key at this point in your child's life. Whether its maintaining a schedule, staying in the same school district, your child [...]

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Tax Issues in Divorce

Every separation is unique. Some separations involve complex tax issues that require an experienced family law attorney to avoid any additional tax consequences on your end. Here are some examples: Child support and Dependent Deduction: child support payments are not deductible by the payor or taxable by the payee. Dependency exemptions vary case by case. [...]

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Absolute Divorce in North Carolina

An absolute divorce in North Carolina may be filed after one year of separation from your spouse. Contrary to popular belief and television, you do not need your spouse's consent to obtain the divorce. We simply serve the Complaint for Divorce and Summons on your spouse to start the process. An absolute divorce ends certain rights [...]

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