Joint Custody in North Carolina

All custody orders in North Carolina must determine custodial rights supported by the best interest of the child.  That being said, custody is not defined in the North Carolina General Statutes.  Through case law, we have established legal custodial rights and physical custodial rights. A party may, through pleadings or motions, request joint custody in [...]

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Temporary Custody in North Carolina

In North Carolina, temporary custody is the initial appearance before a court to resolve the visitation schedule pending mediation and a permanent hearing.  Temporary hearings are often limited in time and involve evidence as to the stability of the parties.  The Judge will want to know the following to determine the best interest of the [...]

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Parenting After Divorce

Parenting after divorce is very difficult on your child.  Its important to know that your children will need help adjusting to their new life.  Here are some tips I have found that benefit my clients in parenting. Your feelings matter too. Your marriage may have been over for years, but you will also have emotions [...]

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Help your child develop coping skills during divorce

Help your child develop critical coping skills during divorce The New York Times recently published an article on how parents can help their child develop coping skills during their divorce.  The premise is not to excuse away negative emotions the child is experiencing, but rather work through their feelings. The article interviews child psychologists about [...]

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High Conflict Personalities in Family Law Cases

More and more, personalities of the parties is a major factor in dragging out court proceedings, reaching a reasonable settlement, and/or increasing attorney fee cost. High conflict personalities are often characterized by the following: Preoccupation with blaming others Inability to accept responsibility for one’s own actions Uncontrollable negative emotions Personal based attacks Triggering conflicts with [...]

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Social Media and Divorce

"Dance like no one is watching, email like it will one day be read in a deposition" I often use Facebook messages, posts, or photos in family court matters.  Often, these posts can prove contempt of court, an illicit affair, or assist my client in obtaining a favorable custody settlement.  It may feel good to post a [...]

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Considerations in Child Custody

I'm often asked what a parent should be doing concerning their children in the initial stages of a divorce or the end of a relationship. Here is a list of my recommendations: Stability is key at this point in your child's life. Whether its maintaining a schedule, staying in the same school district, your child [...]

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